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Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Builder Homesite, Inc. (BHI) was founded with the mission to bring homebuilding industry leaders together to develop world class technology solutions. BHI was formed in 2000 as a consortium of 32 of the nation's largest homebuilders. Our flagship product is NewHomeSource.com, a consumer website featuring the Internet's most comprehensive selection of new homes.

The success of NewHomeSource.com demonstrates that the combined knowledge and experience of a consortium of industry leaders creates better solutions. In 2003, BHI founded New Home Technologies, a subsidiary consortium of new home builders and product suppliers, to create Envision, an fully-integrated and standardized online design options management portal. Today, BHI continues to create products that satisfy the needs of the industry and help move it forward, from video production to banner advertising to Realtor services. Give us a call or stop by to learn more about how we can help serve your business.

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    BHI Media is a full-service Multi-Media company specializing in Rich Media content that brings your business to life. More...

  • EX2

    EX² creates exceptional web applications with rock-solid dependability to boost customer transactions for your business. More...

  • BDX

    Builders Digital Experience is dedicated to helping new home builders reach buyers with innovative online marketing solutions. More...